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Just a puppet on a Lonely string~ Oh who would ever want to be king?~ Nice work on this piece cause this reminded of Coldplay's Viva La...

by Sculla

Sans the Skeleton: Wow, he looks cool. Papyrus the Skeleton: Indeed brother. He does look cool. Sans the Skeleton: That's all there is ...

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Merry Christmas from the Anime Gems by TashaHemlock Merry Christmas from the Anime Gems :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 1 4 Digimon Base: Flamon by TashaHemlock Digimon Base: Flamon :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 2 0 Digimon Base: Flamedramon by TashaHemlock Digimon Base: Flamedramon :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 4 0 MLP Base: Looney Pie 3 by TashaHemlock MLP Base: Looney Pie 3 :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 3 2 MLP Base: Looney Pie 2 by TashaHemlock MLP Base: Looney Pie 2 :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 2 0
DBZ and Digimon RP

The Lost Knight
For :icongaregon: and this base off a daydream I had after finding out that Gallantmon has the same Japanese voice actress as Goku
Rules: There will be reincarnation in this, 1 OC will be in this, you can more than one character, no previous rps, mentions or characters
Zeke and his digimon partner Guilmon X where the closest partners around. Even when Guilmon X became Gallantmon X and was given the position of royal knight, the pair were close. Most of the royal knights approved of this relationship except one, Craniamon. Behind the knights' backs, Craniamon plotted to remove Gallantmon X's partner and by remove, I mean kill. Jesmon, a newly joined member heard of this plan and tried to warn Zeke and Gallantmon X but was too late as Craniamon attacked. He tied to kill Zeke but Gallantmon X took the blow killing him on the spot. His data couldn't reform into a egg but Gallantmon X transferred a bit of his power into h
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 1 308
MLP Base: Looney Pie 1 by TashaHemlock MLP Base: Looney Pie 1 :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 3 0 Digimon: The Compassionate Blind by TashaHemlock Digimon: The Compassionate Blind :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 6 4 Digimon: KoMarimon and a Matsumon by TashaHemlock Digimon: KoMarimon and a Matsumon :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 7 82 Gijinka Twin Digimon (Aka My Fav Evo Lines) by TashaHemlock Gijinka Twin Digimon (Aka My Fav Evo Lines) :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 2 10
Digimon RP

The Cruel Emperor and the Compassionate Blind
For :iconmylittlesailorsonic8: 
Crosses over Digimon Adventure 02 with a hint of Frontier
Ken has done it. He has defeated the Digi Destined all thanks to his creation Kimeramon. Their digimon are enslaved, their digi eggs are trophies and the destined themselves are his servants and maids. Now nothing can stop the emperor. Oh so he thinks. Recently he has discovered legends of the 10 legendary warriors descended from the 10 ancient warriors. The legendary spirits. So far, he managed to get the spirits of Earth, Wood, Metal, Water and Darkness and gived them host bodies on the count they serve him as his generals. The corrupted spirits agreed. It would seem that hope is lost. But all is lost as a new digi destined entered the Digital World with his twin digimon Terriermon and Lopmon. The Digi Destined of Compassion Xander. But there is one thing about him that makes him unique, he i
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 1 380
Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon RP

No Light in a Crystal's Life
For :iconsubzero118: taking place in our world with pokemon in it.
Necrozma. A name that be worshipped or feared. The taker of light. The infectious one. Anything that would strike fear into people but not many know that Necrozma was once a sun dragon. A dragon who soon lost it's light. Due to that, it retreated to the underground to sleep. One day, a trainer stumbles across it's sleep site of the Grand Canyon and will learn more of the prism pokemon.
:iconsubzero118: your the trainer. 
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 3 12
Anime Gems: Veterans in a School by TashaHemlock Anime Gems: Veterans in a School :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 5 4
Mature content
Werewolf RP :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 1 109
BNHA AU: Midoriya Twins by TashaHemlock BNHA AU: Midoriya Twins :icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 2 228
Pokemon no Hero Academia RP

The Quirkless and the Null
For :iconmylittlesailorsonic8: taking place in a AU where pokemon exist in the Boku no Hero Academia universe. Basically pokemon with quirkers and some pokemon can get quirks as well.
Before Izuku Midoriya was born, the science division of Yuuei was working on a project that would deal with the villains of the Ultra Wormhole, the Ultra Recon Squad and the Ultra Beasts. The name of the project was Project RKS, Type: Full. Using various DNA from different pokemon, the division would create 3 chimera pokemons all with the codenames of Type: Full and using the knowledge of Arceus' type change ability, they would have the ability RKS System to allow them to change typing depending on the memory inserted. Of course 2 of these Type: Fulls would go berserk while the 3rd was, well..... One could say aloof. He would watch the Pidgeys and look at the children and nature itself. Of course due to this incident, the pro
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 1 186


Deer [Kisekae Export] by Idessa Deer [Kisekae Export] :iconidessa:Idessa 108 17 Kisekae Present/Gift Dress (w/ codes) by RainbowFan256 Kisekae Present/Gift Dress (w/ codes) :iconrainbowfan256:RainbowFan256 113 3 Pokemon Black  Run 2 -Putting My Dog in a game by mylittlesailorsonic8 Pokemon Black Run 2 -Putting My Dog in a game :iconmylittlesailorsonic8:mylittlesailorsonic8 6 0 Takari Love by Ayhelenk Takari Love :iconayhelenk:Ayhelenk 17 4 Welpemon Digivolve to.... by Shioji-san Welpemon Digivolve to.... :iconshioji-san:Shioji-san 76 9 Family bonding? by Shioji-san Family bonding? :iconshioji-san:Shioji-san 46 12 What If Fusion Template by jss2141 What If Fusion Template :iconjss2141:jss2141 6 1 U like? by LadyBeelze U like? :iconladybeelze:LadyBeelze 39 17 Best Digifriends by Pikuna Best Digifriends :iconpikuna:Pikuna 81 24 coloring sketch 1 by LadyBeelze coloring sketch 1 :iconladybeelze:LadyBeelze 9 11 Two Coronas by Devkyu Two Coronas :icondevkyu:Devkyu 28 6 .:Coronamon Evo Line:. by EmeraldSora .:Coronamon Evo Line:. :iconemeraldsora:EmeraldSora 106 13 A whisper of evil by LadyBeelze A whisper of evil :iconladybeelze:LadyBeelze 40 45 Arrow of Apollo by EmeraldSora Arrow of Apollo :iconemeraldsora:EmeraldSora 43 5 Two sides by NeoRuki Two sides :iconneoruki:NeoRuki 72 25 .:Leonine Verse:. by EmeraldSora .:Leonine Verse:. :iconemeraldsora:EmeraldSora 46 6


Big Shop of TF
Here you can commission TF/TG stories of anyone to become any anime, game or cartoon character but here's the list of the following anime, games and cartoons;

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Steven Universe
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! DBZ
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Bleach
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Toriko
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Marvel
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! FNAF
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Ouran
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Soul Eater
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Pokemon
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Hetalia
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Durarara
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Osomatsu-San
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! SRMTHFG
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! DC
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Undertale (For the hell of it)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! The Amazing World of Gumball
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Creepypasta
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! MLP
[F2U] Bullet Point 28KND 
But D (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) apostrophe T (Alphabets) commission anything related to Frozen. 

Be warned, this is my first time doing commissions but remember, you guys have to be patient for the story you commissioned to be done in my own time.


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ID image made using the Mega Anime Avatar Creator by Rinmaru.

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Merry Christmas from the Anime Gems

Deer Export by :iconidessa:

Present dress Export by :iconrainbowfan256:

Christmas time is some of the Anime Gems' favorite time of the year. And the 3 that show this joy is Tasha, Ling and Pink. Every year, the girls wear the christmas clothes they get from Josuke instead of their usual clothes while Ling shapeshifts into a deer or reindeer to show his joy. Though there are some scrooges in the group but most of the members love Christmas time.

Ling belongs to Hiromu Arakawa
Pink Spinel belongs to :iconmylittlesailorsonic8:
Tasha the white apatite belongs to me
Digimon Base: Flamon
Reference image: Here

Here's the base for the rookie hybrid of fire Flamon. Or Flamemon or whatever.
  • You are free to use it
  • Once you've used it, send a link to the art piece you did
  • Important one of all, don't forget to credit me for making this here base
Flamon belongs to Bandai
Digimon Base: Flamedramon
Reference image for base: Here

I am not going to lock my base making to just MLP. I decided to broaden the horizen and start off with Digimon bases. No human character bases, only digimon and what better way to start this than to make a base of Flamedramon. The reference image was small but I had to make it bigger to make it a eligible base but I got there in the end. 

  • You are free to use it
  • Once you've used it, send a link to the art piece you did
  • Important one of all, don't forget to credit me for making this here base
  • You can also edit this particular base to make it armor less if you like
Flamedramon belongs to Bandai
Bunny Reborn by HMontes by Dynamoe
Emotion: Sans Nervous Icon nervous neko emoji and Llama Emoji-52 (Worried) [V3]  

Reason: What I'm going to say

Art by :iconhmontes:

If anyone who is a fan of PPG and has been keeping up with the rebooted version then you are aware about the new 4th PPG Bliss.

tumblr ovvz7wAAC71vl6kbao1 540 by TashaHemlock 
The blue haired girl in between Blossom and Bubbles in the colour Purple.

Well to those who remember the original PPG series, then we all know that purple belongs to the one time character that strike our feels even to this day, the original 4th ppg Bunny. 

Now I haven't watched the new PPG series but I do remember the original and despite me being young, I saw the Twisted Sister episode and seeing Bunny die managed to strike me but I didn't cry on the outside, only the inside. But as I remembered the twisted sister that is Bunny, I had a thought. A big thought. True Bunny was made with the wrong ingredients than the other girls but her slow thoughts and learning to fix her mistakes made me realize that she was a symbolism of Autism and learning disabilities.

*Hears a shotgun click*

Put the guns away and let me explain. Reason why I thought this is because back in the 1990s and early 2000s, the subject of autism and learning disability was rarely shown in cartoons. Nowadays some cartoons can hide secret learning disabled and autistic characters in cartoons.

*Coughs* ᴾᵃᵈᵖᵃʳᵃᵈˢᶜʰᵃ ˢᵃᵖᵖʰᶦʳᵉ *Coughs*

But PPG, the original, secretly had a autistic character and Bunny was that character.  Despite her being a one time character, we connected with her due to her character and when she died, we all felt sad and sorry for the girls as none never had the chance to properly get to know her or teach her. Being a autistic myself, I would connect with the character of Bunny and that's the beauty of her existence before Steven Universe even did this with Padparadscha. 

But these are my thoughts on Bunny what are your thoughts?


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